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How is it I can still see colours in his eyes in a black and white picture?!?!!!
*throws self on ground*

How is it I can still see colours in his eyes in a black and white picture?!?!!!

*throws self on ground*

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Since basically it’s canon that Derek started making terrible life choices and biting kids left and right because of his alpha instincts, I think we need multiple fics where:

  • Derek rebuilds the Hale House because he’s in love and his instincts are screaming at him to nest nest NEST. (Bonus points if he hasn’t even realized he’s in love yet.)
  • Derek gets a steady job and his wolfy instincts take that to mean time to settle down so he starts going on dates - and dates and dates and dates - and they’re all wrong, no one feels right, and he’s about to lose his mind when Stiles is finally like I’M LITERALLY THE ONLY PERSON YOU HAVEN’T DATED IN BEACON HILLS WHAT THE HELL, which he may have been joking about but huh.
  • Derek becomes a deputy and starts hanging out with the sheriff who inevitably becomes more of a father figure than a boss, and then - well, he knows he can’t date Stiles just because he wants to STEAL HIS FATHER. No way. He’s not that far gone. (He is that far gone.)
  • Derek wants kids. No, not even wants them, Derek needs kids. He knows it makes no sense: he’s single, his life is dangerous, he can’t even keep a plant alive but. CUBS. Running around the house, cuddling him in bed, climbing him like a jungle gym. Cubs, sleeping against his chest, all warm and smelling of pack. But of course it’s just these weird secret fantasies that he does nothing and TELLS NO ONE about UNTIL one day they find out about the supernatural adoption network and Derek falls in love with a toddler with huge eyes, messy hair, and a propensity to grow wings whenever she sneezes. (Derek becomes the best dad overnight and Stiles doesn’t understand how that makes him sexier when he’d thought Derek had already maxed out on the sexiness.)

seriously though, this could be one whole fic in itself. I NEED IT

2,315,997 plays
Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus,
Lilo & Stitch OST





Okay… That’s it… I think I’m going to set this as my alarm on my phone so I can feel like I’m waking up in heaven on a daily basis.

There’s just something about children’s choirs.

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Halloween tip / Breaking Bad Marathon serving idea

congratulations you just taught a whole website how to scam meth addicts in to buying fake meth A+


you say that like you know from experience…

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i don’t wanna sleep
i don’t wanna dream
cause my dreams don’t comfort me
the way you make me feel
waking up to you never felt so real

teen wolf au in which stiles is trapped inside his dreams and derek tries to save him.

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fun prank: put $1000 in an envelope and mail it to me

What’s your address?

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Someone you don’t know adds you on Facebook:


Someone you don’t know follows you on Tumblr 


Someone sends you a message on Facebook 


Someone writes in your Tumblr askbox


Loses a friend on Facebook 


Loses a follower on Tumblr


Error on Facebook 


Error on Tumblr 


Scrolling through Facebook 


Scrolling through Tumblr


 Someone sends you a dirty message on Facebook


Someone sends you a dirty message on Tumblr


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jim and jamie dutcher, determined to show “the hidden life of wolves”, lived for six years with a pack of wolves in the idaho wilderness of yellowstone. they came to know wolves as complex, highly intelligent animals with distinct individual personalities, who are caring, playful and above devoted to family.

"only a select few other species exhibit these same traits so clearly," they note. "they are capable of not only emotion but also real compassion. this is the view of the wolf that we want to share. …it is an animal that cares for its sick and desperately needs to be part of something bigger than itself - the pack. the bond a wolf has to its pack is certainly as strong as the bond a human being has to his or her family."

they add, “rarely did two wolves pass each other without playfully rubbing shoulders together or exchanging a brief lick. so often we would see two wolves relaxing together, curled up beside each other.” the dutchers also recount wolf behavior rarely documented: grief at the death of a pack mate; excitement over the birth of pups; and the shared role of raising young pack members.

but as the wolves struggle to reestablish their foothold in the american west, their public demonetization continues.  say the dutchers, “as we see wolves, once again, being shot, trapped and poisoned, we recognize that our unique experience, living with wolves, is unlikely to ever happen again, and for that reason we feel that we have an obligation to share the lives of these wolves we with the widest audience possible.”

it’s not just the wolves at stake, but the entire yellowstone ecosystem. wolves keep the elk gene pool strong (no other predator does this); they redistribute elk herds, allowing vegetation to recover along rivers and streams, which provides food for beavers; and they keep the number of coyotes in check, which helps to maintain populations of rodents, antelopes and birds of prey. 

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"Its a small world" 

No its not otherwise I would be spending every day visiting my internet friends

it’s a small world, it’s not a cheap one.

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deadpool + text posts

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If you didn’t have that mouth of yours, Wade, you’d be the perfect solider.

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buying comics is so dangerous because each individual issue is pretty cheap so you think like ‘yeah man, it’s just $3, i can afford that’ but you think that about ALL OF THEM and it really adds up quick

I guess you don’t want to know about book series then! (Here, books cost upwards of $20 each)

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